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Unsolicited Recommendations – January 2015

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App –  Microsoft’s Outlook App for the iPhone is great (so far) for those of us who have to use exchange for our work-lives.  I get that it’s a rebrand of some technology that Microsoft bought, but from my point of view I’m less concerned about the app’s origin and mostly concerned w/ functionality.

Book – I didn’t read much in January, but I did enjoy* (with the caveat that “enjoy” is constrained to the genre, and the rules of the genre, thus a business book is always just an insight or two wrapped in a litany of stories that are an odd mix of poor decisions or common sense) Scaling Excellence:  Getting to more without settling for less.

Graphic Novel – Rob Rodi’s “Thor & Loki:  Blood Brothers” was a fun read.

Album –  I’m of the (advanced) age where “Sukierae” by Tweedy sounds good to me.

Documentary –  Two documentaries from Netflix that I enjoyed in January were: “Something Ventured” on American Venture Capitalism and the 3-D printing documentary “Print the Legend

Film –  Selma!  Powerful.

Articles – I don’t (yet) have a good method of tracking the best articles I’ve read online, but from memory, I enjoyed:  Next City’s profile of Derek Douglas (who happens to be my boss at UChicago), everything about this Humans of New York profiling a school in Brooklyn story,  and John Lewis’s take on Selma and its attendant controversies.

TV – PBS’s “Shakespeare Uncovered” is good.  The King Lear episode might make you rethink how original “Empire” is.   Also,  Star Wars: Rebels manages to channel the spirit of Star Wars in an enjoyable way.

Events/Speakers – You should try to see Cornel West in person.  He’s very present in his surroundings and engaged with his audience.  Also, if there are more events surrounding the School Project in Chicago, you should go.  Passionately committed people trying to figure out how to make education work in chicago (particularly after the school closings).


Father Pfleger Keynote Speech at Woodlawn Safety Sympsium – Feb 2012 #chicago

In Chicago, Education, University of Chicago on March 2, 2012 at 10:31 pm

Last Friday night, I attended the Woodlawn Safety Symposium sponsored by the Network of Woodlawn, the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Community, the University of Chicago, and others, which was organized around the theme of “Breaking the Code of Silence”.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Father Michael Pfleger speak several times, including just a few weeks ago at St. Sabina (with Cornel West), and he always inspires me to go out and do something about the problems in this world (evenif in this case I’d have preferred he didn’t use an abortion metaphor in the last minute).

Keynote Address:


Cornel West @ St. Sabina, 2/12/2012 // @cornelwest #CHICAGO

In Chicago, Education on February 13, 2012 at 7:00 am

I went to St. Sabina on Sunday morning to catch Cornel West‘s Black History Month Sermon.  I’ve gotten the chance to see Dr. West speak on three occasions now, but this was the first time that I’ve managed to take any good pictures.    Dr. West always leaves one charged up to confront all the injustice in this world.