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Invisible Man At Court Theater // @courtchicago

In Art, University of Chicago on January 30, 2012 at 12:10 am

I hope I’m just one of a chorus of voices that is praising Court Theater for its production of “Invisible Man“.

Theater at it’s best.  Run, don’t walk, to go see it.  Tickets will sell out as people realize that beyond the historic-ness of being the first such adaptation of Ellison’s novel, that it’s remarkably well done as a work in its own right.  Theater based on literature (when done well) adds a unique vitality to the work, all of which is clearly evident at Court.

I recall Ellison’s Invisible Man being jarring when I read it (in 2001 as a part of a binge of making sure that I was well-read insofar as the classics were concerned), but there was level of historicity to it that I could use to maintain some distance from the text.   The Court Theater production leaves you no such distance – the acting, the staging, give you no room to dodge what Ellison is bringing to the table, and consequently succeed in bringing out the timelessness of the story in a way that even the classic text does not.

It’s emotionally engrossing high-quality theater, and for fans of the book, it is thorough (3 hrs!) and faithful to the text.

Go see it!

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