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What Book Are You? (AKA Internet Quizzes are Never Wrong)

In literature on December 1, 2009 at 6:18 pm

If internet quizzes defined us as books then… I’m…

You’re Shogun!
by James Clavell
Complicated and sophisticated, you lead a most interesting and adventurous life. You can’t help but wonder if you’re just repeating history, though a good deal of the events you experience feel unique or quirky in their own way that couldn’t possibly have been done before. Nevertheless, you feel strongly that your life is tied to some destiny, some fate larger than the church, ninjas, or even the complicated morass you’ve run aground on. In the end, you know you can never escape. Though you find football to be somewhat undignified, you root for the Atlanta Falcons when forced to watch it.

Take the Book Quiz II at the Blue Pyramid.

Hat Tip to Pete Lit for this one.

  1. I agree – your fate is definitely greater than ninjas.

  2. One of my favorite books.

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